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The Kitchen Maid Trail.


You've read the book, now you can visit the locations featured in Val Wood's novel, The Kitchen Maid.


Begin the trail at Beverley Racecourse and witness for yourself the "pleasant bit of countryside round about." mentioned by Jenny in the book's opening chapter. From here you have some wonderful views across Beverley. You can see Beverley Minster, which you will visit later on and if you look closely across the grass you can see Black Mill. It was also on the Westwood that Master Christy and Jenny began their unlikely friendship.





Either stroll across the grass through the racecourse itself or, depending on the weather, you may prefer to stick to the roadside path as you head towards Beverley. As the Westwood comes to an end and you approach the houses facing the racecourse, walk left along the grass at the bottom, alongside the houses and into the far corner where you will reach a cut-through onto Norfolk Street. Here you'll encounter a lovely mixture of Georgian and Jacobean style houses. Turn right at the bottom of Norton Street onto New Walk where you will find the houses that impressed Jenny. This is the location of Jenny's employment as Kitchen Maid. Which house do you think Jenny worked in? Continue to walk towards North Bar into Beverley Town Centre.


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